Chapter 92

Nik silently walked towards the car without leaving Lily's hand.

Lily didn't open her mouth and followed Nik silently. She wanted to stop Nik and ask him to talk to his father, but somewhere, she felt that Nik was acting that way because of some reason. As they entered the car, Lily spitted out the questions in her mouth, "What happened Nik? Your father is sick. We can't leave him alone."

"Who said he is alone? Isn't his favourite child beside him?" Nik hissed.

"Nik, he is your father?"

"Is it? I don't think so. Since he woke up, did he even look for me? You saw what I went through from the minute, he was shot. But look at him, he didn't even see or talk to me for a minute at least."

Lily just nodded, noticing that Nik was so angry than she expected.

~ Knock! Knock! ~

Lily lowered the car window.

"Nik, The Interpol officer wants to talk to you."

Nik took the phone. "Hello, Sir!"

"Hello, Mr. Cooper! Thanks for helping us to find the most wanted member in the gang."

"Thanks to you sir
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the suspense is killing
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seems Drake is Mr Thompson's son

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