Chapter two


Even before turning, the rising of the hair on my back made me aware of the presence of something powerful but what I was expecting wasn't the biggest and most terrifying wolf in history. A wolf almost as tall as my human form was staring at me with eyes so deadly you'd wish the ground could open and swallow you before something like this devours you. The first thought that came to my mind was to run as far as my omega leg could take me, but I couldn't. Trying one more time, I still couldn't leave the spot where I was. The reason I'm unable to run from this terrifying beast called on my anxieties and every trauma I've been through.

Even as I was trying to escape, I could feel my wolf pushing me to run to this wolf with open arms, that he'd rather protect than harm me.

Moving out of the rivers, I could feel his golden predatory eyes watching every move I made. The moment I was completely out of the water, he threw his head back and howled like he was claiming his territory, which was odd because this wolf is definitely not from my clan. I walked toward him like I was compelled to do so. The Alpha's vibe emitting from his core nearly overwhelmed me. It was evident no wolf in the south had a vibe this strong, not even the MacKenzie's Alpha could claim to possess such power. This is obviously a very powerful wolf, an ancient I'm almost certain.

As a wolf, the more powerful you become, the greater, deadlier, and more intense your rage is. Now that rage has been substituted with mating, I couldn't imagine one wolf satisfying the lust of this particular wolf. As I was getting farther from the river, the wolf began walking toward me. On reaching, for some reason I don't know of, I went on my knees and shifted my hair away from my neck, exposing the most vulnerable part of my being. I shifted my neck to the side assuming a submissive posture.

Even as an Omega, I never did the Sheiia which is a submissive posture, for anyone. It was as though I had no control over my body and mind but for some odd reason I knew, with this wolf I was safe.

When he got nearer to me, I was immediately intoxicated by his wolf aura, it did thousands of things to me at once, but the only thing that came to mind was Home. I could smell my wolf's aura and his too. The combination of both our scents soothed my wolf.

He came closer and licked my face with the tip of his tongue. He put his nose on me breathing me in, trying to claim a territory. I felt the beginning of his fangs on me, where the shoulder meets the neck, and knew he was going to leave his mating mark on me, which I should be fighting hard against but I knew even if I tried, I couldn't make myself move a muscle.

My brain was telling me to stop this while I still could, but I could feel my wolf jumping for joy in my head, even if I'm the only Vane in my clan, a wolf that could not shift due to a particularly traumatic experience.

The fact I can't shift doesn't mean I don't feel or hear my wolf. My wolf stopped coming out after watching the way both my parents were killed before my eyes.

His growls drew me out of my thoughts. I raised my head up to look at him, but his attention wasn't on me. He had the stance of a wolf readying for a fight, and that's when I smelt them too.

Vampires......They were almost upon us at full speed.

The wolf before me turned to a man but I couldn't process what he was saying, because I was too entranced by the man I was seeing. His 6'4" frame could barely contain his muscle-clad body. Part of his body was covered in runes and the remaining that wasn't, had scars that attested to the fact he has been fighting battles for more centuries. He's definitely the most deadly living creature I'd ever seen, even looking at his scars, I could call him beautiful but I had a feeling this male wouldn't appreciate being called beautiful.

He came closer and shook me hard, "sorry to disturb your fantasy but this can wait for another time." He smiled at my expression.

'Oh my, this stranger has the most beautiful smile '.

I was still trying to shake myself out of it. "Run," he said again. I stood at 5'9" which next to his 6'4" frame wasn't so bad.

"No way am I leaving you to fight these leeches by yourself, we are facing them together," I told him, but before I could put up my mental shield, I felt him in my head.

'Go back to your Alpha and stay there because I'm fighting this alone female.'

'What an asshole ' I said before realizing I said it out loud

" I heard that " he replied and flashed his beautiful smile before giving me a push towards the exit area. I had no power to fight him because he added compulsion to the command.

Radulf's POV

Watching her go was a beautiful sight, I could see she was trying to fight my command but I know she had no power to overrule the command of the Lord Alpha. In thousands of years, I had never been as captivated by a female as I was with this one.

She had a thing about her that brought peace and silence to the fight of the Wolf within me. I'd almost put a mating mark on her neck branding her as mine. That had never happened before, I bet if my Beta saw me now, he would have had a laugh because he was always saying one day a woman would bring me to my knees, and that was exactly what she'd done to me.

Using my wolf vision, I scanned the area, counting the vampires approaching. There were fifteen of them, ten vhampires and five vampyres, piece of cake. If they only knew who was on duty, they would run back to Oekazi begging for backup. They almost destroyed the north; I wouldn't let them do to the south what they did to the north.

Running towards them, I unsheathed my claws, picked the first vampire in my way and removed his head. Cleaning his black blood from my face, I did the same to the next.

Contrary to what the humans believe, after killing a vamp, he doesn't turn to dust immediately. Their disintegration is determined by how many centuries the vamp had lived. Only the sun is capable of disintegrating a vampyre. A vhampire's is not affected by the sun, and are not as strong as the vampyres. The only way to truly kill them was by removing their head or heart, but who wouldn't die that way

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