Chapter 176

Sofia’s POV

He didn’t let me continue with what I was about to say, before he was interrupting me calmly, his hand still moving up and down on my arm, from my elbow to the upper side of my shoulder.

“No, it isn’t. I’m sorry I brought it up.” He started to say once again, breathing out those words and saying it with such passion, and I started to shake my head in the next second, as I sniffed back tears once again.

“It’s alright,” I breathed out, my voice fracking a little, but I ignored that and decided to continue to speak. “I can talk to you about it.” I breathed out in a voice that was quiet, breathless and trembling a little.

“You don’t have to speak about it if you do not want to.” Luca started to speak instantly, his grip tightening on my arm for a few seconds before finally loosening and returning back to it’s previous hold.

“I want–“ I paused and sniffed back tears, breathing out a deep breath and breathing in deep into the next moment, feeling my chest start to expand
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