Chapter 318

Sofia’s pov

It was my first time leaving the country I was born in, and was I stupidly excited about it? Absolutely yes. I had been grinning since I had woken up, in Luca arm’s of course, my excitement had knew no bounds.

Luca had kept on commenting on how cute my excitement was but I had paid him no heed. When I had time Kayla about it, she had been excited for me as well and had wished me the very best while reminding me to be sure to take thousand of picture. I decided to not bring any painting supplies with me, if I see anything inspiring, I was going to just take s picture of it and paint it once I return home.

I had accompanied Luca to go see Armani yesterday’s evening, and tears had sprang to my eyes as soon as I had settled my eyes on him. His eyes had lit up as soon as he had noticed my presence as well, and he had even welcomed me for a hug. To my embarrassment, he had went ahead to tell Luca how I had attempted to go to him when he was getting abducted, right before I
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i dont understand why the update has few episodes.
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ophilia monteiro
Update more

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