Chapter 56


It was really to see their relationship with their father gradually improving. Over the past few days, the progress I have seen was great. Over the past few days, I have seen them happier than ever and I don't think there was and could be anything else that can make me happier than watching them smiling.

Currently, I was sipping on a glass of blood and watching them and dad play chess.

Of course, the three of them had ganged up against him yet they were clearly losing the game.

"You all are so bad at chess," I couldn't hold onto my laughter anymore, "What a shame!"

"You are supposed to be at our side," Archer spoke in disbelief, the expression of my other two mates was the same.

"Who told you I am at your side? I have been rooting for dad from the start." I flashed them a smug smile and watched their scowls go deeper.

"You see boys, you have got no one supporting you with these bad chess skills of yours," Dad smirked, he was enjoying this game more than his sons were.

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