Where is Raven?

Everleigh POV

Father came home before weekends, fortunately, I don't have classes for this afternoon. Raven wasn't here, he excused himself and said he has something important to do. I didn't asked him and just let him go. I can't even bare his stern voice like he is mad for something I don't know. He's such a moody person.


I'm standing at the front door of Dad's office. I breathe in and out to relax myself. I'm just a bit nervous. Jackson is right. I should talk to him. The walls between us, one of us should break it. I'll be the one to dig up a whole.

I hope so. I hope he'll listen...

I knock three times before entering. I bit my lower lip. I saw father typing on his laptop; knotted eyebrows. He would often pause and type again.

"What is it? What do you want?" Dad asked. He stopped encoding and looked at me. He smiled without a single sign of happiness in his eyes.

"I, uh, just wanted to ask... How's your work?"

He leaned on his seat, furrowed eyes; confused. "That's unusu
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