Third Person POV

The weather is confusing, the air is warm, even yesterday. But the atmosphere at where Mr. Hunderson's room at the hospital is definitely cold, shivering.

Vince, Clyde, and Mike is inside Mr. Hunderson's room. Unable to speak anything, staring at Mr.Hunderson's body while the nurses are doing their best of their works.

Mike knelt down on the floor and cannot believe his eyes is witnessing.

How did they end up here? Why didn't they escaped?

Until Raven, Mr. Scott, and Everleigh came.


Mike and Clyde was about to go with their plan on how to escape the old man. They stopped when Mr. Scott called. Clyde answer his phone and put it on the loudspeaker.

"Yes, Mr. Scott,"

[I finally found some CCTV footages of people coming in and out of the hospital. They've been hiding it from me but my source got some clips. However, I cannot find someone who enters suspiciously. And—Wait! Jackson is coming]

"Jackson? Doesn't he c
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