Chapter 13


My stomach is tied in a tight bundle of nerves. Maddox is walking ahead of me, holding up the door to the fraternity house.

A carpet is rolled out on the cobblestones outside. It's yellow—just like the color of Maddox football pants.

It somehow adds to my nerves. I feel like I'm visiting the royal family, but the members are all insanely big, muscular men.

Maddox peers down at me. "Ladies first."

"Thank you," I step inside and immediately freeze when I catch a dude as tall as Maddox raking me up and down.

They are both walking mountains, but this guy's arms and hands are tattooed. Dark eyebrows lift guiltily when I catch him staring at me, and a slow-spreading smile takes over his lush lips.

"Ah! You must be Michelle," the tattooed guy reaches out his hand for me to take. His expression is actually friendly, and there is a lowkey, husky Spanish accent. "I'm Jason, the mutt."

Oh, he is referring to the phone call...

My heart hammers as I look Jason up and down to s
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Lapamela elliott
im hooked already
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Red Jello Parade
love it! Can't wait to continue!
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Ida Vandine
well if that was me I might love having them arms holding me tight too.

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