Chapter 123


My hands grip the hem of my pants, but I find myself unable to remove them under Zane's curious gaze. He scans my body with a sort of lazy perusal designed to awake butterflies.

"Could you please look away as I undress? You're making me nervous by staring at me." I glare up at him, and Zane blinks back at me with false innocence.

"Why can't I look at you?"

I blush. "Because... Because it's making it harder to undress. I'm already self-conscious of my pregnant body."

Humor shines in his bedroom eyes, but his expression turns downright dirty as he steps closer. Even though Zane is still wearing his clothes, I can feel the heat from his skin. Or maybe I imagine it because I'm devastatingly attracted to him.

"Do you need help undressing?"

I laugh at that. "No, that would make it worse..." I bite my lower lip and look away at the shower. It's standing behind a glass door, and the bathroom is enormous. "Why don't you head inside first, and I follow you? I just need a moment."

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I can’t find this book how do I find it
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I'm loving A virgin for a player just as much as this one.
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Can we get more chapters please!

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