Chapter 127


Dela is sitting beside me on the mattress in the living room, shaking from her nerves. I find it hilarious how Zane decided to play cupid with his phone earlier.

I would never say this out loud, but...

One of Dela's flaws is that she is too shy and stubborn. She overthinks, which sometimes keeps her from being honest with her boyfriend. But now Lionel knows the truth.

Lionel knows Dela is ready to move in with him and even marry his ass. I wonder what his response will be?

"Have you checked your phone?" I ask Dela and sip on my tea which Zane made for me. I feel spoiled and content. I've already devoured two pieces of chocolate cake and some cucumber with ranch dip. My tastebuds are so odd.

"I don't dare to check it," Dela covers her face with both hands. She is sweetly shy. "I'm terribly afraid of what Lionel is going to say."

"Why would you be afraid?" I ask and turn around when I think I hear something strange.

Footsteps come from behind us, and I expect to see Zane, but
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