Chapter 128


Waking up next to the person you're falling in love with is fantastic.


A smile tugs on my lips when the man sleeping next to me doesn't even stir when I say his name. He is gorgeous and lit up by the morning sun, a big man, yet with a feeling of innocence when he sleeps.

Carefully, I smooth the back of my fingers down his cheek, aimlessly over his jaw. Over the unshaven stubble that feels bristly and raw, I find it ruggedly sexy, and my smile widens.

Zane doesn't look his age. There is no graying in his hair, and his face is unfairly beautiful. His skin is baby soft near his close eyes, and his long eyelashes are fanned against his cheekbones.

When I notice slight sun damage on the bridge of his nose, I smile and run my fingertip over the area. There are tiny little freckles. Hard to see due to his bronzed complexion, but they are there.

They are also my new favorite thing about him.

My heart swells, and my fingers trail over to his chest next. The column of
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Queen Harley
:( no update today
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Same. The last time we got slow updates the author was sick. Hopefully they are ok.
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Joliann OwenJaeger
More please

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