Chapter 131


I'm spying on Zane as he works out. He likes going to the gym, but today he is bench pressing at home. We have equipment in our basement, and I'm peeking from the corner.

Sooner or later, Zane might notice me, but that doesn't matter. I'm down here because I need a release. My hormones are driving me insane, and now, as I stare at his sleek, total daddy body, I can feel pulsations between my legs.

I need sex. Without it, I'm going to die. So I do what any warm-blooded woman would do in my situation and strip naked. My clothes land in a heap by my feet, and I even remove my bra.

In my opinion, my big mama appearance isn't sexy, but I know how much Zane loves my breasts. The areolas seem darker, and my size has gone from average to huge.

I feel like a sexual creature, even with my stretch marks, and walk over to a panting Zane with confident strides. He has put down the weights, and at least one set is finished.

"Hello there," I say while standing over his shirtless body. Th
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Head over to A Virgin for a Player to tide you over on the 1 chapter per day. It helps! Lol
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Linda Williams
this one chapter per day is killing me.....
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T Keith
what happened to the 2 sometimes 3 chapter updates im dying here lol

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