Chapter 132


"I'm so happy," Shirley says while on the couch that we finally got down to buying after many buts and what ifs. "It's a girl! Can you believe it? We are going to have a daughter!"

I brush her hair while she sits with her back turned against me and smile at her excitement. I'm beyond the moon myself, but something about seeing the love of my life happy is priceless.

I lean closer to her, lips brushing against her ear. It prompts a shudder out of her, and it grows worse when I whisper. "It's one of many. I want us to at least have five."

She snorts. "Five!?"

I shrug, still smiling. "How many do you want?"

Her eyes meet mine over her shoulder.

She is gorgeous with her little dimples, and my heart burns with yearning. I want to hold her. Kiss her. Make love to her. I'm so smitten by her. Grabbed by the balls and not even able to think of anyone else.

Fuck, I want a future with Shirley so severely.

"Let's see after we have gotten used to the first one. We can talk about how many
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Xuan Chapa
I love Zane and Shirley. They're so cute together.

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