Chapter 133


This is a surprise...

I expected to find Dela behind the door, but she didn't come here alone. Lionel and Maddox are with her.

It makes me freeze because while I can understand Lionel being here, I never thought they would bring Maddox with them.

"Hello," Dela smiles up at me. "You have coffee and cakes for three people, right?"

"Yeah, I'm just..." I lift my eyebrows at Maddox. "No offense, but seeing you without your sons or wife is odd."

He lifts his eyes to meet mine, and I notice the rings underneath them for the first time. The guy is frowning, but I can tell something is haunting him. The look he gives me, it makes me shudder.

"What's up?"

Maddox sighs before muttering. "I will tell you after I've had some coffee and cake to calm myself down..."

I step aside to let them all inside. "Be my guests."

All three guests enter my home, but Maddox doesn't immediately sit down inside the kitchen. He steps in his tracks once he sees Shirley, and I'm close to hissing when

Don't forget to check out "A virgin for the player" same city, different people. I'm trying to update that daily too. And no, I can't focus on only one book. When I get writer's block on this one, I switch to the other and vice versa. Thank you so much for reading! ^_^

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Love both of them and hope they get married soon
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Linda Williams
I love Shirley and Zane....

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