Chapter 87 Boss's Baby

"Baby, I think we have to get ready to leave" carefully, Lia reminded her husband who froze on his feet, staring at her.

But it's been a while since she has been grimacing but he remains unmoving.

"Vasili, really we need to leave. This little fellow here is excited to come out" she added and this time it's more demanding.

"Amelia..." he whispers in panic.

"Yes, baby..." doing her breathing exercise, she gently coaxes her husband.

"What...what will I do?" dazed, he anxiously asks.

"You call Manuel to prepare the car. We will leave for the facility since your son is about to come out. Make it quick, please" she gently responded.

And just like that, he darted to the door like a herd of devils is chasing him. And despite the pain getting unbearable, she can't help but chuckle at Vasili's antics. She hasn't seen him panic until today.


"Prepare the car!"

"My baby is coming!"

Like a fire just erupted the entire house immediately came into life. Men dashed around when his voic
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Rocky Moore
I bet Vasili passed out on the floor hahahaha, but I’m glad the baby is born hopefully mama is safe as we’ll
goodnovel comment avatar
And cut the umbilical cord
goodnovel comment avatar
Vasili has fainted hahahaha

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