Chapter 89 Tattoed

It's been a week since baby Eric was born and the mansion has never been the same again. Every day they would have visitors, checking on them. Either a Petrov or a Wright. Lyon and Kara also request to see them often.

The baby's powerful cry would always reverberate in four corners of the room, especially during the days that his father is not around.

Amelia doesn't mind him crying as long as he is not hungry or needs a diaper change. But whenever Vasili is around, everyone seems to be on pins and needles. He always worries about his son's crying.

Vasili would glare at everyone once he hears his son cry. As if crying would endanger baby Eric. His over-protectiveness is making Amelia crazy.

"Why can't they make baby Eric settle? He is always crying. Do we need to replace the team?" Vasili mumbles one morning. They are at the balcony lounge for Eric's daily dose of sunshine. He is sleeping naked atop his father's bare chest.

Hearing what he said made Amelia more incredulous. She no
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