Chapter 4 Strong Husband

My mind started to feel bad. 

"Honey, did you really just come home?" I asked.

"Yeah, what's wrong?" Brandy looked at me.

How about this? I'm confused. Who was the man who had sex with me? 

"Just now the lights went out, I heard a knock on the door, and..."

Before I finished speaking, Brandy just laughed. As if what I said was a funny thing to laugh about.

"My wife is a coward. Never mind, maybe it was just your hallucination, honey." Brandy stroked my hair.

"Mmm, that's not it. I mean there was really…”

"What else is there?" Brandy interrupted.

"All right, honey. Don't be afraid anymore. I am here. After all, there's no way anyone would dare to bother you. Brother Abraham is still here. No one dares mess with us.

I gasped, Kevin Abraham is here? Gosh. Why does my blood boil violently when that name is called.

I tried my best to hide my anxiety. To tell everything in detail, there is a feeling of dread in the heart.

I'm back to being normal. I saw Brandy tired, I took off his jacket. He smiled. 

"You're beautiful, Mera." He complimented.

"Thank you," I responded curtly.

"Wait a minute, what is this?" Brandy grabbed my neck. 

I am surprised. I'm starting to feel bad again.

"Mera, why is there a red mark on your neck?"

Brandy grabbed my neck in the front.

I'm nervous.

"Didn't you do it?" I answered spontaneously.

I remember, this afternoon Brandy had landed a kiss there.

"Oh I forgot. he... he. I didn't think it would leave a mark," Brandy smiled.

In my heart I was confused. Maybe Brandy wants to work on me? Or was he just pretending to have forgotten about the exciting battle earlier?

"How about it, Mera? Are you feeling okay? I see you're a little restless." Brandy said as he put his arm around my shoulder.

He brought his face closer to mine. Our eyes met. Those sharp eyes are now looking straight into my eyes.

"Not. I'm ... I'm. I mean, I'm fine." I replied.

Brandy's handsome face is getting closer to this face. It made me tremble again and again. 

Is this how it feels to be face to face with a handsome man? I can't describe the sensation in words.

His face drew closer. I closed my eyes. His lips pressed against mine. Warm. I tried to enjoy the game of his tongue.

While his tongue danced fiercely, his hands were wildly running to and fro.

His hand brushed the thin dress I was wearing. Again, this body is made to surrender and submit without being able to speak a word.

I really got excited again. The warmth burned again. Makes my body sweat again.

As a newlywed, I was lucky. Get a mighty man in all fields.

Even though this is the second time tonight, I don't think I'm bored with the game that Brandy gave me.

Eh, later on, was the first one really Brandy? Oh lord. I almost forgot about it.

I patted my forehead.

This must be due to getting too carried away.

"Why, dear? Did you enjoy it?" Brandy asked as she leaned her body closer to me.

"Of course," I replied quickly.

Again Brandy made me lulled with touches that made me drift in pleasure.


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