Chapter 7 The Mystery of the Woman Who Hurt Abraham

"I don't think I can introduce the girl to you." Abraham answered blankly.

"Why, why?" Brandy narrowed his eyes.

"Because that woman has been married to another man."

Degh ...

My heart is beating fast. Who is the woman he means?

"What?" Brandy looked surprised.

"The woman I've been telling you about has become someone else's wife." Abraham answered with his fingers clasped together.

"How dare that woman leave you to be married to another man," Brandy looked angry. 

"That's called destiny, Brandy. We don't know what will happen in the future. Sometimes we love someone with all our heart, but that does not guarantee us to get love in the same portion," said Abraham.

"That woman is evil, brother. What else is missing, Abraham? Is the woman blind? "

"Don't blame him, Brandy. Just blame the brother who can not make him comfortable. Maybe I've been busy with work all this time. thus making her lonely, then accept another man's proposal. The woman is innocent. Even though I'm actually busy working for nothing but our future."

     "Ah never mind, telling the woman there will be no end. Forgetting it is not easy. But I'm sure, over time he will come back again. I still love him. I don't care if she's with another man."


I was taken aback by Abraham's words.

There was an uneasy feeling about his last words just now.

At the same time Abraham looked at me deeply.

Oh Lord! That gaze.

I hope Brandy isn't suspicious of his brother's actions. Abraham is outrageous. He shouldn't be looking at me like that.

Actually who is the woman he is talking about? Is that me? I hope not

I brushed off all the negative thoughts that came in my heart.

"What else do you hope for that rotten woman, Abraham? Don't hope for him anymore. That means she is not a good woman. You can get more from him. There are many attractive girls out there who have a crush on you. I'm sure of that, Abraham," Brandy said.

"Indeed, Brandy, there are many women out there who have a crush on me. But not with my love. Until whenever my love remains for that woman. Sounds crazy. But it can't be helped, I already love him," answered Abraham.

"You'd better forget about her. You know, there's no point in expecting someone who's already officially someone else's. I don't think it would be difficult for you to find a better substitute," with doubt, I tried to jump into their conversation.

Abraham smiled expressionlessly


"Mera was right, Abraham," Brandy said.

"Yes, Mera is right. But sadly, I can't live without him. The woman I love is always in my heart. I'm a boy, Mera. I will keep fighting for what I want. If only I didn't love him, of course it wouldn't be that hard to let him live with someone else. But what happened was the exact opposite."

Brandy and I fell silent.

It seemed futile to soften the man's heart.

"Alright, looks like I have to get going! Happy holidays," after glancing at his watch, Abraham said goodbye to us.

Brandy watched her brother's back slowly drift away.

"He was stubborn," said Brandy.

"It's useless for us to talk, he will definitely continue to do what he thinks is right," Brandy continued.

"But even so, he is a good person, hardworking and loving. I'm sure his love for her must be immense. Otherwise, Brother Abraham would not have behaved like this. I know very well his nature," Brandy told about her brother.

Suddenly from a distance my eyes saw Abraham walking towards our room.

"Oh dear, why did Abraham come into our room?" I asked surprised.

"Ah, at least I want to pick up the things that were left yesterday, honey." Brandy replied casually.


I'm engrossed in my cell phone. Alone. Brandy was out to meet his friend yesterday who happens to be in the same town where we are now.

For some reason, my body feels hot, and, ah, it's like something is churning.

Like demanding something that shouldn't be.

Because of this hot sensation, I took off my clothes, what happened to me?




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