Chapter 10 I Still Love You, Mera!

"Forget me Abraham! Let me be happy! Please, don't torture me like this. Don't let me keep feeling bad for Brandy! Don't love me anymore, Abraham!"

"Can't you see the wound you made for me, Mera? I know my feelings are wrong. I realized that, but I don't know how I can forget you. Please teach me how!" I see and hear words that hold sadness.

"If you love me, please let me live comfortably," I said.

"How can I let you live comfortably, when I still can't see you living with Brandy. Tell me Mera, that I'm still in your heart?"

My heart is confused by the silly question of the man in front of me.

"No, Abraham! At least I no longer have feelings for you. I just love my husband."

"Lie! Big lie. I know you still love me." Abraham insisted.

Out of the corner of Abraham's eye, I saw tears welling up. I can't seem to believe, how much love this man for me? But I guess if love was really sincere, he wouldn't be this bad.

In fact, since long ago, since I g
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