Chapter 19 Table With Abraham

This afternoon, the car drove into a fairly majestic yard. We have spent a few days as newlyweds.

Our honeymoon is over, And today we go home.

On the terrace of the house, Mrs. Jonathan greeted us with a warm face. Several assistants immediately lifted our luggage from the car into the house. I just feel like a princess in this house. Everything is served.

"Assalamualaikum," Brandy and I said at the same time while bowing slightly.

"Waalaikum salam, welcome, my children." Said Nyonya Jonathan.

Mrs. Jonathan's hand took me.

Entering room after room which was quite spacious, finally Mrs. Jonathan invited me to sit on the sofa in the family room, followed by Brandy and Mrs. Jonathan.

"Take a rest first. You must be tired."

"Bagaimana? Apa Did you have a good holiday?" asked Mrs Jonathan again.

"More than that, ma'am. Isn't that right, Mera?" Brandy turned her head.

I nodded.

"Brandy's right, madam," I chimed in.

"I am glad to
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