chapter 9

4 months of being engaged, still figuring out what I wanted for this wedding, he came home tired as always. Usually he stays at his office or goes home to his place, but he came home to me. If felt good having him home with me in my bed. We laid there talking over the wedding plans, drinking a few glasses of wine.

Which lead to things that, usually I wasn't in the mood for but tonight I was. I was like an animal. I tossed my tablet on the floor and just jumped on top of him and started making out with him. This wasn't me, but I sure did like it. And I believe he did as well.

After the 4 hours of love making, crazy sex, we fallen asleep in each other arms like always.

The next day he has came home early telling me he had to go on a few day business trip that he'll be back. And he told me when he got back, that there was a work ball/dinner thing going on and he wanted me to be there. I told him I'll go just tell me when he was gonna be back so I can go get me a dress
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