Chapter 86 - The Final War Part I

Author's POV -

Everyone around them just froze on their spot. None of them was able to believe their eyes, not even Greyson. Those few seconds in which Aadhya turned into her wolf were the mystic few seconds of their lives. It is not because everyone, other than Greyson, was considering her human but because of the colour of her fur.

No, her fur is not white. It is silver in colour. It is so much shiny that one can see his reflection in her fur. Her black eyes have turned into blue with multiple shades of blue and a bit of silver in between. She raised her head and howled loudly. This was the moment when her wolf released her scent, which she had been hiding for the last eighteen years to save herself. Her aura is so dominating that the rogues present there are already shivering when she has not even given them any command. Her wolf is the same size as Ryan, but it is more enormous than any other wolf in the whole werewolf world.

The rogue, which was grabbing Dee's hand, was dis
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Karina Vazquez
And I was getting excited that she was stepping up and getting her courage back, maybe not.
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Inocencio Buenasflores Karen
this is the hell best ever update thank you so much author.. I'm excited for your next update. God bless ...️

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