Chapter 87 - The Final war Part II : The answers

Aadhya was unable to think or do anything except feel numb.. even her brain was also unable to process anything. Shira's body is shaking in pain. Even Ryan was also unable to react after looking at Shira's condition. They have chopped off both of her feet, and her wounds are bleeding profusely. She looks pale, and both of those rogues are holding her up by grabbing her arms harshly.

"You know I am too irritated by her running away every time. This time I didn't want to take risks," Greyson explained as if it was nothing big.

"If you took any stupid decision to save me, then I will never forgive you, Aadhya," Shira said in a timid voice which angered Greyson. He slapped her square on the face, and both the rogues who were holding her left her arms, which resulted in her falling to the ground on her already chopped-off legs with her whole weight on them. She shrieked in pain, Aadhya took a step towards her, but Greyson stood in between. "I am not stopping you from coming near your gra
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Dear author, I left some comments in the paragraphs because that way, it was easier for me to see the phrases I was reviewing, hope you can find them.
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Not sure what do you mean with "Have you left anything with me?"

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