Chapter 88 - The final war : Part III

"Your soul is the mixture of two souls" When she said this, Aadhya got even more confused about it. "It is not because of me", The moon goddess clarified to Brinda before she said something "though Shira was successful in saving your body of a white wolf, a part of your soul died the same day when your mother gave birth to you."

"I don't understand what you are saying. A soul is just a soul... how can it be a mixture of two souls."

"Have you ever wondered what a mate bond is?" she asked Aadhya, but she didn't have an answer to it. So, the moon goddess continued, "Mate bond, mate pull, everything is nothing but just an attraction of a soul towards its other part. Two mates share half a part of the same soul. That's why they feel pulled and attracted to each other. In your case, a part of your soul was damaged when you were born, and all the things that were done to your body after that didn't help much. When Shira got you, you were almost dead. In saving you, she used not only the li
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This is a great chapter, ties it all in very well. And great to see Aadhya is growing up some
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Karina Vazquez
A queen has risen!
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Brenda Brigoli Perez
i cant wait for the next chapter,.please, please , please

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