Chapter 91 - Epilogue

Eight years later -

"Addy", Dee came after completing his evening training and slumped on the sofa that is in the drawing room. "Addy, I am home; where are you?" he again shouted and waited for her to come out from anywhere, but when she didn't come or reply, he rolled his eyes and went towards the kitchen "addy", he called her but didn't get any response. He went towards the office. He knocked on the office door and opened it after a few seconds, where he found Aadhya doing her work.

"What happened, Dee?" she asked him and closed the file that she was reading. He went towards her and kissed her on the cheek.

"Nothing just wanted to see you," he said and sat on the chair that was in front of the table. "What are you reading?" he asked her, and she couldn't help but smile. No matter if Dee is a child or a teenager, his questions are never-ending.

"Checking the annual file of council members. Ryan wants it by tomorrow," She explained to him, and he nodded. When they checked the fi
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Great book I just wish we would of got more after they marked each other instead of jumping 8 years down the road
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I loved it!
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Paula Fritsche
This book would make a great series following the rest of the grandfather and Uncle plus Dee, and the girls
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