Adrian was caught off guard by the flour attack.

I repeat.

Adrian, the most popular, good-looking, and also the LAST  werewolf I should be in the same room with, is standing in front of me. And I had just attacked him

The door slammed shut behind Him.  He jumped back the moment he spotted my pale, flour-covered face. To be honest, I was impressed that he didn't scream at the sight. 

He had balls big enough to not scream. But instead, he shifted!

Clothes ripping off, flying everywhere, and his body shifting into a large, black wolf midair. His paws slammed down on the ground as he growled and jump at me dangerously. His fangs,  the size of my whole palm,  bared at me with a menacing roar. 

I Just screamed.


No bars hold. No shame.

You just can’t ask too much from a girl who hasn’t transformed yet!

The scream brought his wolf back to its senses. When the moment of shock passed and he saw that it was just a half-sized girl who had thrown the bowl of flour at him, his body eased. I closed my mouth slowly, and gulped, and then watched as the wolf suddenly shifted back to human form just as quick as it had shifted to a wolf.

Do you know what happens when werewolves shift back from wolf to human?

The clothes are ripped apart, the skin sheds all signs of humanity. And when they shift back- they are TOTALLY NAKED.

Through the rollercoaster I had been on in the past few hours, I did not even have enough braincells to look away. Dumbfounded, and in shock of seeing a male body for the first time in my whole freaking life up this close… I just stilled like a statue.

The man was a freaking greek god. I had seen statues on TV. I swear I had. And I think they failed to even do justice to it.  

My throat went dry as I tried to ignore the nagging hotness in the air but my traitor gaze just moved lower from his abs down to his ‘thing’ and my heart did a fast flutter. Long, thick, bluish-green veins bulging through the smooth skin and… I quickly averted my gaze but the damn damage was already done. I closed my eyes and tried to forget but it only heightened the image in my mind even more, making me shiver. 

“What the fuck is wrong with you?!” he snapped at me.

I jumped in fear. My heart immediately bringing me out of my imaginations and admirations to the reality that stood in front of me with a furious gaze.  

His hands shot up to his face to wipe off the flour but instead, it got into his eyes.

 “God damn it!” he rubbed his eyes with his fingers, trying to get the flour out of them but it only increased the irritation in his eyes even more.

“Are you out of your damn….!” Adrian hissed in a louder voice. Tears had started to slip out of his eyes, “I need… crap. Get me some fucking water!”

My body tremled hearing his angry command. Lucinda was scary. Peter was terrifying. But the alpha’s son… he made my soul shiver with his one growl. And I definitely did not want to hear more of it. Get him well, serve him water, turn him around, and send him off before anyone notices he was even here.

I immediately ran up to grab his arm and led the way. His arm was warm and robust. It felt like blasphemy just by touching it. I kept telling myself “don’t sweat. Don’t Sweat”. I didn’t want to touch him with sweaty hands!!

“This way,... um…” WHAT THE FUCK SHOULD I CALL HIM?! “Umm… S-sir.” I muttered meekly, guiding him to the sink.

He stood there. Still like a statue , and gave me a random gesture.

What does that mean?

…is he expecting ME to wash his face?

I waited for a second more, hoping  I was thinking wrong, but when he did not make a move, I pulled a chair from the side, “You can sit here.”

He sat down, eyes closed shut, his head tilted back, and his lips were slightly parted. Even now when his face was covered in a mask of flour, he looked like a greek god sitting on a throne.

When I took water in my hand and poured over his face, I had to wipe the flour with my palm to get it off. He had slight stubble on his face, tickling my palm.  I could feel the warmth of his body and the hardness of his jaw. 

Water dripped from his long, dark lashes. Trails of water slid down to his neck and then his collarbone, making his skin glisten. I licked my dry lips as my gaze slid lower. His chest was soft and smooth. He had abs. GREAT abs. He looked like a greek god, but a better, real version. My eyes moved lower, and the moment they were about to fall on the ‘thing’, I snapped my head away. God… I need to control myself!. 

“Get me a towel.” he straightened once his face was clean.

My heart pounded in my chest. I stood a few steps away from him. But the way his muscles moved with his every step,  and the scent of his body and maybe mixed with an aftershave was so intoxicating.  that I wondered if other males lived in a cave while Adrian lived in a castle filled with slaves to tend to his body day and night.

With shaking hands I ruffled through the drawers and grabbed a fresh cloth that I found. 


His eyes suddenly snapped open as he grabbed my wrist and then snatched the towel from my hand, “What took you so damn long?”


The loud sound echoed in my years for several long seconds that felt like years. And when the sound intensified and started to fade, I realized it was coming from my chest. 


I jumped back, my hands shivering in nervousness. I quickly tried to hide the feelings he had ignited in me by shoving them behind my back but the traitor blood inside me just rushed up to my cheeks. My face started to feel hot, and I was pretty sure that even my ears were burning red.

“Look, I know being near me has brought out all of your sweet fantasies to life, but you have to understand that you guys need to stop chasing me everywhere I go.”

What now?

He saw the confusion on my face, and rolled his eyes.

“I can see it on your face. I know you are one of my fangirls. You can stop pretending now.”

His fangirls? Me?

And then it downed on me. That’s what it was! The screams! His fangirls were chasing him.

“No, that’s not-” my gaze fell on the door instinctively, but then, “Oh my god! The door is closed?!” I shouted, horrified.

He stared at me like I had lost my mind.

“Stop screaming, for the love of God!” he snapped, and rushed toward me, “I closed it to hide from the girls. Just go and open it and get out!”

“Just go and open it?!” I cried out, both hands covering my mouth as I stared at him in disbelief. I looked at the ceiling for the heavens to show me just an ounce of mercy before turning my gaze back to him.  

“That door does not open from inside.” I said in a slow, low voice like trying to explain ABCD to a child, “Once that door is locked, it can only be opened from outside.” 

“What a load of bullshit.” he scoffed, throwing the wet cloth at my face and storming off toward the door to open it, “I know that you girls find me attractive but this excuse of yours is just the lousiest one I have ever heard anyone-” He pulled at the door and it did not open. 

He had stopped speaking, and now I was the one staring at him with a look of ‘go on, now.’

He pulled at it again, but this time with a lot more force. It stayed intact.

“Why is it not opening?” 

“I just told you.” I repeated slowly, “this door only opens from outsideeee! It stays open all the time so the omega supervisor can watch over us.”

 “Have it opened then,” he ordered.

 God… how I wished I could! Lucinda was waiting for the dessert that I had already delayed twice now! And Peter? The mere thought of what he would be thinking of doing to punish me and mom terrified me to the core. 

“This is a soundproof room and it is now midnight.” I pushed my hair out of my face with trembling hands. Sweat covered my forehead. 

“Then, can you stop worrying about that door, and find me something to wear instead?!” He snapped.

Right. Clothes! If anybody saw him naked with me in here, his fangirls will kill me first and talk later.

I turned away and immediately started to shuffle through the drawers. There should be something. Anything!

I saw a pile of clothes and snatched the first thing out. It was an apron.

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