Immediately I shifted back. I rushed toward the window. Wasn’t it too soon to be attacked by wild animals already? At least let me get a nappy time before I get into trouble again.

I looked out the window, saw something, and snapped back immediately.

I wished it was a wild animal.

I sneaked a glance out again. A man wearing an all-black outfit with his face covered in black cloth was right outside the window. He pushed his hand through the bars, forcing the window to open wide. And that is when his and my eyes met, and I opened my mouth to scream like hell.

His hand shot up, his eyes wide in horror as he put a finger over his lips, “Shush it!”

My voice got stuck in my throat. This voice was… familiar?

“Adrian?” I called out hesitantly.

He nodded his head, and pulled down the cover on his face a bit so I could see his face.

“What are you doing?! And what are you even doing here?”

He leaned closer to the window, “Did you tell anyone about your wolf?”


His face visibly relaxed.

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I thought lucinda and Adrian were dating

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