Lapse In Control

[Asher’s POV]

I can feel Leah’s body shivering against mine as I stare into the eyes of the tiny creature that looks so much like me and her together. There was no doubt about it now; this was my child. The child that I created together with Leah. But why didn’t she tell me about her? Why was she trying to hide it?

"If you don’t speak, I’m leaving." Leah warned, pulling my attention back to her.

"How old is she?" I asked instead, unable to stop my curiosity about the child. "What is her name?"

"It doesn’t matter." Leah snapped, unconsciously attempting to put more distance between us. "She doesn’t concern you."


Anger explodes through me from Leah’s attempt to stop me from getting to know my child. Without thinking, I slammed my fist into the wall right beside her head, causing pain to rush up my arm and through my body to try to stop the darkness from trying to erupt.

"Just let me go." She whispered, snapping her gaze from mine. "Remember, you were the one that didn’t want
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