A Familiar Energy

[Leah’s POV]

I held my breath as Craig led us into a dark hallway with a long stairwell leading down beneath the earth. Once we reached the bottom, the sound of laughter drifted towards us, filling the deafening silence that was becoming unbearable.

"In here." Craig announced, beginning to knock an odd beat against the door. "They’ve been waiting."

Nodding, I watched as a tiny peep hole was opened and a single golden eye peered out at us.

"Craig?" A low voice growled. "I thought you were dead!"

"Not so lucky." Craig responded, letting out a laugh. "I’ve brought the help as promised."

"Mmm." For a moment, whoever was behind the door seemed to say something to someone beyond.

"Could you let us in?" Craig asked, taking a step back and crossing his arms.

"Yeah, yeah." The person behind the door grumbled.

A huff escaped Craig as the peep hole slammed shut and the sound of locks being undone filled the space around us.

"You sure we are welcome?" Antoine asked as the door ahead of us opened
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