Chapter 4

Waking up when the van hit a bump, Bella eyes fluttered open, she blinked repeatedly trying to clear the bluriness in her eyes.

She sat up on the floor, listening to the voices chattering at the front side of the van. Mustering all the strength she could, she stood up slowly, ignoring the pains and burns she feels in her body and leaned against the side of the van slowly moving to the door. She stood on her toes, peeping through the small window to see they were trying through a lonely pathway she was sure let to the pack.

Bella slumped to her feet, signing defeatedly. She was here already, bloodbath pack in Russia. The most dangerous place ever. She has heard a lot about it and never imagined herself here. Just the Pack's name was enough to send shivers down her spine. But she wasn't going to be a weakling. Even though she'd be considered and treated as a slave, she would try not to give up.

She might be scared and terrified to her bones, the reminder that this man is not just an alpha but a ruthless mafia was sending cold chills down her spine.

She knows who mafias are. How ruthless they are. She has read a lot about them. They are usually involved in a lot of dirty businesses and sheaas sure he'd definitely be doing such illegal things. He's alpha death, who's a Mafia, she doesn't expect him to be a good clean man.

She closed her eyes, heaving out a deep sigh as she felt a small wave of dizziness wash over her. Thankfully, the effect of the wolfsbane was washing off already. She had slept the entire flight to Russia die to exhaustion, only waking up at intervals before finally drowning into a deep slumber. She moved back when the van came to a stop, listening closely as she heard footsteps, then a small click before the doors went open. She squinted her eyes, a light shining directly on her face.

"Out!" She moved out of the van at the sharp command, wrapping her arms around herself. She looked around, staring up at the huge mansion. The alpha's mansion or she'd rather say the pack house.

There were about twelve men standing at the entrance of the mansion, dressed in black suits, each of them holding huge scary guns in their hands.

Heavens. This is frightening.

Now she clearly understood what she heard about this place. The cold faces.

"Move!" She flinched when she heard a deep voice behind her.

She kept her eyes to the ground as she walked to the mansion, her supposed mate before her, walking with shoulders held high. He wasn't so huge with big arms that could serve as pillows. He was just an average height, not too muscular, but just a perfect average man size.

Heaven knows she'd have fallen in love with him if he didn't turn out to be a bad guy to her.

Her breath hitched as she walked past the guard in black suit, walking into the mansion.

The interior was really beautiful, the walls were pure white colour, with black trim and dark themed wall arts hanging around. There was a huge chandelier hanging on the ceiling. A rectangular medium sized aquarium at the side of the huge living room. A staircase leading to the top of the building. The ground was a grey marble porcelain tiles, really beautiful to her liking. Well if she wasn't here as a slave she'd love to take a tour around the house.

Bella stopped in the middle of the room when Damien stolledy, another figure walking into the room, a glass cup obviously filled with alcohol in his hands.

"You're back." The dark haired man said, wiggling his brows at him. "And you brought a hot chick this time around huh? Who's she?" The sharp mouthed man asked, staring at her. More like he was scrutinizing her.

"She's not a side chick, Noah."

Oh Noah?

Damien'a second in command or should she say partner in crime. She's heard about him also. People say he might look really friendly and quite flirty but he's the real devil. He's a pretender who knows the right time to strike. Most people have advised to fear him more than Sebastian 'cause he's a devil with a smiley face. He only puts on a facade to deceive and lure victims into his trap.

She would definitely make sure to stay away from him. She's in so much trouble already and she doesn't need him.

"Then what is she?" He asked before gulping down the entire content in the cup.

"A victim. A prey." Damien answered in a deep voice after he sat on the sofa.

She could sense Noah's expression changed immediately before he asked in a deep cold voice. "Who's she and what did she do?" All friendliness in his voice was gone. It was just plain and cold.

"A stealer, trying to deceive me into thinking she's my mate." Bella wanted to scream and try to convince him this is real. She wanted to make him believe this wasn't the stealer curse working on him. It was true because she felt the same. She felt the strong pull wanting her to get close to him. But what can she say, besides slaves don't talk unless permitted to.

"Stealer??" Noah moved close to her, walking round her like he wasn scrutinizing her. "But I don't feel any weird pull around her." He said, staring at Damien.

"They already used a fake scent on her." His reply was short and fast.

"Whatever... But she's one sexy slave you know?" Bella felt his hot breath fanning against her right ear. Her breath hitched as he leaned closer to her, his hand on her left shoulder, gently rubbing her neck as he planted a kiss on her right shoulder. "Good thing she ain't ugly. She's a nice asset Damien. Don't be too grumpy." He chuckled and walked around her, stopping at her front. His right hand came to her jaw, moving her face up to look up at him before he added in an almost silent deep voice. "A nice plaything."

Bella walked closely behind the huge black guard, heading somewhere she doesn't know. He left with her when Damien ordered him to 'take her where she belongs.' Her heart thumped widely against her chest at the cluelessness of not knowing where she was being taken to.

Her breath hitched as they walked into an empty slightly dark hallway, stopping at a door. The guard brought out some keys and unlocked the door, stepping aside and motioning her to go in.

"You should know better than try escaping." He said immediately she stepped into the room and shut the door, the sound of the key locking it back filled the air.

It was a dark room with a small window at the side top corner of the room. There was a small bed lying directly on the ground with no sheets on it. Bella held her fingers tightly together, looking around the room.

She swallowed a heavy lump down her throat as she finally understood what this place was. It was a prison for people like her, a real sign of an end to her freedom.

A beginning of her slavery.

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