Chapter 25

Cold chills ran down my spine, making me shiver and my eyes went to the men behind him, their mischievous faces making fear generate in me. “Damien did not permit you to.” Those words tasted bitter in my mouth, because I knew deep down in my heart that if he were here he’d definitely give his friend the permission.

“Well, yes he didn’t, but he doesn’t value you, you know?” His lips stretched into a smirk and he leaned closer to me, adding in a whisper. “Doesn’t even believe you’re his mate.” My eyes went wide in shock and I opened my mouth several times to say something, but no words were forming at all.

“You know?!” My fists clenched tightly in anger as I tried to restrain myself from hitting him. “You know!” The words came out again, this time a feeling of sadness washed over me. If he could sense it that I was Damien’s mate, then that could only mean one thing, which is, everyone could sense it. They could feel that I’m his mate, but refused to say anything about it. Refused to he
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