Chapter 26

My shoulders were still bleeding badly when I woke up in the cell. I was laid on the bare ground covered in my own pool of blood. I groaned loud as pain shot through my arm as I tried sitting up from the ground. “Are you there?” I leaned against the wall, waiting to hear her voice. I sighed, about a minute later when I heard nothing. “I guess she’s gone. We were never friends though.” I rolled my eyes, leaning my head against the wall.

“Jumping into conclusion huh?” My brows rose and excitement rushed through me when I heard her snicker.

“You didn’t leave!”

“Why would I?” She replied with a small chuckle.

“You never stayed, always disappearing and leaving me alone to fix up your mess.”

“It was never my fault.”

“Ugh, you’re so destructive you know?”

“It wasn’t deliberate Bella, I never liked any of those things I did.”

“Then you’ve stopped them, you put me in a lot of trouble.”

“Bella! I’m also a victim here, don’t blame it all on me.”

“You’re the stealer wolf, it’s your fault
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