Chapter 28



That is all I feel now. Is this what death feels like? Everywhere is peaceful, no pain at all. I feel like I'm floating and I don't want to ever leave. This is for me.

Maybe death is for me. I don't ever want to love again then. I just want to be in such a serene environment.

I tried to move my arms but a small sting in my hand made me halt my movements. I tried to move again and it was just the same, but I felt a palm on my arm and a feminine voice spoke in a soft voice. "Hey, easy."


I tried to open my eyes but the blinding light from the fluorescent bulb above my head made me shut them immediately. I opened my eyes again, slowly this time, squinting to avoid the eyes from affecting my eyes. Linda is sitting beside me, her face holding so much concern and sympathy.


I thought I died.

"Bella?" Her brows rose in surprise as she moved closer to the bed. "What are you thinking?" She rubbed my shoulders, moving her hands up to stroke my hair.

I felt a l
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