Chapter 31

I heaved out another heavy breath for the umpteenth time as I swept the floor of the kitchen. It was hard trying not to think of the events of yesterday, especially with the fact Freya does not even want to hear a thing about him. She hates him just like he is to us and that I know for sure, builds more gap between us ever falling in love, maybe.

I shook my head and rolled my eye when she growled deeply, like a warning to stop thinking about him.

I just couldn’t help it honestly; his action yesterday made me think there might be a chance this might be over and things might work out right between us. But his wolf is a problem here also, the hate he has towards me makes this quite impossible. If only I could convince him, make him see differently than just a stealer and murderer.

“Fine,” I rolled my eyes when Freya growled again, getting angry at my thoughts. My brows knitted together when I suddenly heard a strange voice yelling in the living room. Though, it wasn’t an angry one. Out
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