Chapter 112: Faint

Months passed.

“Happy Holidays!” Kate greeted Savannah while on a video chat. “Hey, Alex? Merry Christmas. What’s wrong with you?”

It was the Wrights’ favorite event of the year. Kate and Carlos celebrated it with the family. Whereas Savannah and Alexander, together with Mia, spent their holidays in Ireland on Kean’s farm.

“Alex got injured,” Savannah reported with a sneer.

“What?” Carlos and Kate nearly said simultaneously, both frowning in front of the screen of Kate's mobile.

“He was trying to prove to grandpa that he could birth a cow. Well, he angered mother cow and was.” With a short pause, Savannah described, “He was… kicked in the groin and on his leg.”

Carlos gulped. Kate’s eyes widened.

On the screen, they saw how Alexander had a full frown on his face, sitting on a couch behind Savannah. He reported, “I don’t think I can play for the Australian Open. And don’t fucking say a word about how I got injured by a cow.”

Carlos and Kate tried to hold back their laughter

Thank you for reading. Ladies, only one chapter today. I am so tired because the baby is teething. He kept me awake last night. The next chapter is tomorrow.

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siti sulehah abd rahman
what title for kaleb story?
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Hmmm Now i will know if their first born is a girl or a boy
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that will be kate's second child. Andre is kate's second child.

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