Author Announcement (October 3, 2022)

My Dear Readers, 

Thank you for supporting Kate's and Carlos' story. 

This was my first sports romance story and my first, second chance novel at that.

To those who supported me from Book 1 to Book 5 of the Wright Family Series, thank you. I am forever grateful for the encouragement you have given me. Your reviews, comments, suggestions, and messages keep me going every day. You have no idea how it makes me smile and pushes me to do better. 

Q1: So what's next for Author LiLhyz?

Answer: I will write the grandchildren's stories, but not all of them. At the top of my head, I am sure I will write about Kenneth and Liam.

Q2: When will the next book be out?

Answer: I will first take a break and then start writing again in mid-November. Once the book is out, I will put out an announcement on my social media pages. Thus, I encourage everyone to follow me there. It is the best way you can receive an update from me. 

Q3: Will you write about the supporting characters?

Answer: Sadly, no. I will focus more on the stories of the grandchildren. At least you have already read about Savy and Alex's story in this book. The same could be said with Luca in Kaleb's book. 

For those who have not read my other books, please find the list below. They have all been completed. 

Book 1: Mommy, Where Is Daddy? The Forsaken Daughter's Return (Samantha's and Ethan's story)

Book 2: Flash Marriage A Billionaire For A Rebound (Kenzie's Story)

Book 3: I Kissed A CEO And He Liked It (Kyle's Story)

Book 5: I Fell For The Boy His Daddy Was A Bonus (Kaleb's Story)

Aside from the Wright family, I also have the following stories for you to read. I hope that you will try them.

The Playboy Superstar Versus The CEO (Erotic Romance - Completed)

The Alpha of Valmore: His Fight For His Luna And Heir (Werewolf - Completed)

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Follow me on social media. Search Author_LiLhyz or LiLhyz on I*G or F*B. I would love to hear from everyone again!

With love, 


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Nigie Alejado Llanos Relacion
I Love your stories from Ethan down to kate's story, just started kaleb's to read more about the next gen.of this story of ethan & samantha. God bless!
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Joanne Tomkins
omg omg brilliant thanks Author ... ... it's sad even tho its the end of the wright's omg ive ... and loved ... ... every minute of the books lilhyz your special your books are the best so once again thank you ... ... xx
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Trisha Reed
I love everyone of ur stories. Can't wait for the grandkids stories.
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