Yes Daddy

Havermouth, Present Time

Cameron picked up a couple of wraps from the gourmet sandwich shop in town, picking the most unusual sounding option on the menu for Rhett as the prissy arsehole would never be content with a steak and salad wrap like Cameron bought for himself.

“What’s in that again?” He asked.

“It’s a kale salad with raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, almonds, pepitas, sunflower seeds, and grape tomatoes served with grilled chicken, in a beetroot wrap,” the girl replied with a hint of attitude.

Cameron gave her the side eye. He knew her face. “We f-ked once, didn’t we?” He said, and she flushed, shoving the cardboard boxes across to him. He grinned. “Yeah, I remember. Valerie, wasn’t it?”

“You’re an arse,” she muttered under her breath.

“Something wrong?” The shop owner, Ben Hammond, caught the comment. “Everything alright, Cam?” He asked, pleasantly.

“Yeah, all’s good,” Cameron replied easily. He wasn’t about to cost the girl her job, but he’d damned well make sure that ever
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