"But I didn't bring my sports attire." Those words just glided through my lips before I managed to stop myself.

Have I told you about the clown attribute to my personality? Especially when I'm nervous and try to get away with it, I would crackle jokes that most would find them barely humorous. But that never stopped me, and here I am, with my dry joke.

He must have not known what to take of that super dry joke that he looks at me with the same blank stare he had earlier. Nothing changes, that makes me wonder if he's being dismissive again or he actually didn't get the joke.

The significant pause overwhelms me too much that I surrender, "Heh. That... well. It was meant to be... urm. A joke."

There's barely any reaction from him which makes me desperate for one hence I push myself into elaboration, "You know, just now when you said you have a few things to run with me so... erm."

Nothing. He's still staring at me.

" 'Run' with me," I laugh nervously, " 'Runnnn' with me. Run, an act
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