Doesn't matter what happens, I would always clean myself after having sexual intercourse with my husband, now ex-husband.

The byproduct is seriously ew (which of course I'm referring to his cum since I barely get my release), there is no way I can sleep with my private part feeling sticky all night long.

I'm also too obsessed with having my bedsheet to remain clean at all times just so I can sleep without worrying over germs, bacteria, or anything that will crawl on me at night when I'm sleeping on the bed.

But all bets are off tonight. None of those germs, bacteria, or possible insects attacking me later on matters because I really, reaaaaally have no energy left after he sprayed his mini Sinclairs into me for the second time.

My legs are shaking, my eyes are tightly closed, all I want right now is to stop orgasming and just sleep. Purely sleep without any other meaning behind it.

"Abigail," he whispers to my left ear with his hands wrapped around my middle; he's currently spoon
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