"Hey Luc."


"You know how we're both not a morning person right?"


"I've figured out the one reason that can change that."

"What is it." He asks boringly after yawning for the umpteenth time, clearly showing how interested he is at my discovery- zero!

"Fine, I'm not sharing!" I turn my body facing the other side and that's when he moves closer, placing his head on the same pillow I'm resting mine.

"What is it, Soph?" He whispers, his face is merely a few inches away from mine that when he talked, I can smell the minty toothpaste he used earlier before he came to bed, "What can change us into morning person?"

"If I've gotta wake up every morning next to Christian, I would be." I grin in the dark, reminiscing our fourth date a few hours ago.

We're already in February, and next week is going to be our fifth date which I hope we'll finally cross that bridge and put everything to bed.

Like literally TO BED, I'm fine either it's his or mine, let's just get to the third ba
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