I've always thought they're 'rich' rich but to join this kind of wedding, my jaw drops to witness such a beautiful, extravagant setting only the very-rich can afford since it's also being held at one of the luxurious hotels in New York.

"Tell me," I whisper to him as we sit on the chairs that are prepared for the guests, the ceremony will start shortly, "How rich are you guys? Are you a millionaire yourself?"

I've never asked him about his wealth, but I have to at this point of time, because it's ridiculous how elegant everyone is, carrying themselves like royalty.

They don’t wear luxury brands like the rich people I’ve met at the parties I went with Luc, the guests here seems to have their own tailor to customise the outfit they’re donning. That’s another level of wealthy in my book. I mean, why would you buy a ready-wear if you can make one fitted to your body?

"Everybody here has a trust fund with at least six zeroes in it."

I gasp, "Including you?"

"Our grandparents make sur
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