My eyes scan Garlof's face again as we wait for the results on our females. His face appears calm, but the slight tick in his eyebrow lets me know he is as anxious as I am.

Annoyance and anger fill my mind as I continue to stare. He doesn't glance back at me even though he is fully aware of my gaze. His female is causing all of this because I wouldn't fight for her. She let my rejection hurt her pride, and now my new life is being interrupted. He has to know these things. His mind is as sharp as mine is.

"It shouldn't be much longer," Pagin says, and I look towards his tranquil features.

Garlof shifts in his seat in my peripheral vision, and my jaw clenches slightly.

"What will happen if the results prove that a female lied," Garlof asks, and Pagin glances at me before the male Makskin smirks.

"The human would be killed. Earth is under our protection due to the Harvest treaty. They do not send soldiers, so their harvested females are expected to follow every g
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