"You look green, human," I whisper harshly as Krystal and the other humans sit down.

She reluctantly turns her head my way, and I see dread pass over her features. The feeling is mutual, human.

She looks at me for only a moment before turning to watch the Glortinons walk across the field. As she watches, her eyes shift to sadness, and curiosity spikes within me. What does she have to be sad about? She was saved from her fate on her awful planet. She didn't do anything to deserve her standing. None of the human females did.

She looks at her comrade, and they take each other's hands. A sense of comfort passes over both females, and I instantly grow jealous and resentful. Yor was always my comfort when my father told me no or forced me to do something I didn't want to do. He was my best friend until we turned eighteen, and he was immediately sent away for training.

Krystal glances at me smugly and smirks as if she senses my pain. Hate nearly swallows me within a sing
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