"Krystal," I roar, worried, and my voice thunders through the practically empty building.

Zalu pops out of a room, looking alarmed until her eyes spot me.

"Where's my mate," I demand in a rather harsh tone, and the female straightens her back in response.

"She is meeting with the high council, Commander. She asked me to arrange it. She should be returning promptly," Zalu explains in a rushed voice, and I nod once to show I understand.

I don't trust my voice to be respectful enough to answer her with words. My adrenaline has not yet receded from battle, and a female like Zalu deserves my respect.

"Would you like something to drink while you wait," Zalu asks just as the all too familiar sound of a transport meets our ears.

I move past her without answering, eager to see my mate, and she follows.

When I step into the medical room, relief flows through every cell of my body. My mate looks beautiful, healed, and whole even though her gown has been ruined and her
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