Chapter 6B

"He rescued me."

"So, knight in shining armor? What's the matter with him? ”

She frowned as she returned her attention to the phone's screen. She noticed Hazel and Tiara looking at her with anticipation. Gabbi's frown was also visible to her.

She coughed and attempted to change the subject. "Gab, what's up with that expression? " she asked.

The young lady sneered. "That stupid toilet bowl is messing with me again! Kuya is to blame! He left his boxer brief in the bathroom, and it fell into the toilet bowl as I was pouring water on it! How do you unclog a stupid toilet bowl?! ”

Hazel burst out laughing. "Suck it, lady."

Jewel grinned as Gabbi's expression darkened. "You're the only one who can suck a stupid toilet bowl, and maybe you can suck the septic tank as well," Gabbi said.

"That's enough," Jewel said quietly, returning to the keyboard. Hazel and Gabbi were not very good at playing jokes because they often took jokes personally, which resulted in a nasty fight. Gabbi was grumpy,
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