Chapter 7A

"You may kiss the bride."

She looked at Gideon. She smiled, leaned back, tiptoed, and smacked his lips with hers. Gideon's eyes widened in surprise at what she had done, but Jewel didn't care and instead grabbed both of his cheeks and wouldn't let go until the camera flashed.

"The bride is excited, eh?" chuckled the civil officer. She let go and turned to face the officer, who was laughing.

She would not do it if she had a choice. But the wager remained, and she couldn't afford to lose.

"Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Hernandez."

People in the audience applauded. Gideon took her hand in his and they faced the crowd. She saw her father and mother both smiling at her. The Mayor was by their side.

She could count the number of witnesses who came to the civil wedding on one hand. There were also some well-known figures, such as the Vice Mayor, the party's president, Medellin's business magnates, and others she was unfamiliar with. However, there were no media. It was exactly what she expec
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