Chapter eleven: results

After asking into nothing if Sei was really there, I realized that it was ridiculous of me to do so, so I just drove home.

I concluded that what happened, was only in my head.

I have no idea why Sei, of all people, would be the one I thought of for comfort but I won't question it any further since it actually worked.

I drove up to my familiar white painted house, getting welcomed by the beautiful red roses I had spent months trying to plant. They looked lovely but maintaining them was difficult, I would have to hire someone to do it after this unknown creature ordeal is over. I didn't park my car in the garage, figuring that I was bringing out a bunch of luggage to put inside it anyways. I reversed and stopped, the boot of my car facing my front door.

Satisfied with the position of my car, I stepped out and opened the boot, finding nothing but a spare tire inside and a couple of tools for if I ever needed to change one. I pushed them further back to make space for my stuff and turn
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