Just for tonight

Daciana walked into Alpha Connor's room, she was very careful as not to wake anyone up.

It's already pretty late into the night, Daciana purposely stayed in her room with the aim of avoiding the Alpha king for the time being.

She still had to come anyways, she had to muster up the courage to even if she knows her coming will be nothing but pain filled.

She felt spooky at the thought of going through the same process all the time.

Daciana bit her lower lips and clapped her sweaty hands together.

When she stepped in, she saw Alpha Connor sitting beside his table, some papers were spread on the table and a small night lamb was on.

He seems to be very focused, that made him more handsome. His straight jaw moved slightly as he scribbled down some notes.

His razor sharp nose were pointed up. A cute scowl became visible on his face.

His long hands held the ink punching it into the paper.

No doubt, Alpha Connor is a very handsome beast. Daciana thought and averted her gaze while fidge
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