The meeting

Daciana was forced to look up on hearing what Dolphus said, a man looking for her? Why? Does that mean someone was really calling out to her like Okie said yesterday? But who could it be?

"A male? Who is he?" Alpha Connor asked balling his hand in a fist, he hates the fact that someone just like him came all the way here to see his mate. Does he have a death wish? Who is he?

"He wouldn't say Alpha king" Dolphus replied. Without waiting for him to say anything else, Alpha Connor stormed out of the room with both Daciana and Dolphus following him closely.

"Where is he?" He asked.

"At the tower's gate, we didn't let him in. In case he will cause any trouble" Dolphus quickly explained why.

The trio matched towards the gate feeling the tension in the air, Alpha Connor's mood changed completely from happiness to anger. Whoever he is that is not afraid of coming here to seek his mate must have guts but when he reached the gate, he was surprised to see a middle-aged man standing by the g
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