Alpha CEO

February 2025, Mexico.......

A vibrant beautiful lady was seated on the chair as she pose for the camera for her shoot. She looks so elegant, gorgeous, beautiful and sexy. This beautiful lady doesn't have the face of an ordinary model, her beauty is just out of this world.

"Are we not done here?" she asked the director

"One more time, just one more picture left and we will be done. Now please give us your best pose" he said to her and she sighed. They've been on this shoot for about five hours now, she is glad it's coming to an end.

"Done, now let's wrap it up. Good work Miss Karl, you were just born for this" Director Zayn complemented as she stands up.

Daciana shook her head with a known smile on her face, she walk majestically on her heels as they click on the floor towards the director.

"And you are good at flattering people, thank you Director Zayn. I think I am done here for today" she informed.

"Right! Hoping to see you again" that said, Daciana left to her car. Her assistan
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